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NAKI association for the cleaning culture in Israel (N.G.O)

Familiarity - methods of action - activity in the field

NAKI association Founded in 2020, the association includes dozens of citizens young and old, Jews and Arabs, religious and secular from all over the country. (the association is not political).

Our goal is a high level of cleanliness in the public space as a result of public responsibility and actions. (and not by increasing the number of cleaning workers or performing cleaning operations).

Our areas of activity are: education, information, research, Media, enforcement, technology and infrastructure.  We are also making an effort to reduce the use of disposable tableware.

Gradually we become a leading organization in our areas of practice. This is because the association consists of two groups that complement each other:

1. grass roots  - the association has a variety of entrepreneurs who work in the communities they have established and through them they promote the value of cleanliness. This is a bottom-up activity.

2. Professional work teams - Our activities rely heavily on officials and experts in areas such as: authorities, Arab society, education and information, media, research and more.

Here are a few of the activities of the association:


Outdoors education


Connecting vacationers to the general effort to maintain cleanliness in the public space and protect the values ​​of nature.


Training and operation of information teams at various nature sites in order to meet visitors and talk to them about their personal responsibility for maintaining the environment clean.


  • Our teams operated for several months, mainly in northern Israel. We met thousands of visitors and connected them to the effort to preserve nature in general and cleanliness in particular.


  • We have extensive experience in the field, volunteer organizations request that we also train their volunteers to act as our information team.


Educational activities


Creating a change of attitude via offering education and increasing awareness.


In elementary schools - teaching lessons on maintaining cleanliness ,In high schools - a leadership course on the value of environment cleanliness.

Our goal is to invite our students to take responsibility as the subject ambassadors in their communities.


  • Some members of the association teach in a variety of educational institutions, these days we are starting to carry out diverse educational activities in the authorities.


  • Training teachers and counselors and sending them to schools and youth movements.

Through them we will perform educational activities from kindergarten to end of high school.





Use of scientific information and scientific tools in the decision-making process.

To obtain professional assistance, which is based on researches in behavioral sciences.


Deepening academic collaborations while conducting important research in our field of practice.

Our research team includes professors and researchers from a variety of universities, through them we can advance our goals.

  • Members of the association participated in discussions on the environmental cleanliness of the Knesset Committee for Environmental Protection and prepared several position papers for them.

The research team conducted two important studies:

1. Public opinion poll -

On the issue of cleanliness in public space.

600 Israelis aged 17-40 responded to the survey online (representative sample).

The survey findings were published in major media in Israel, including in the religious sector.


2. Attitude research –

The study (in collaboration with the Kibbutzim College of Education) is based on 43 interviews with officials who have a waste interface and an audience, as well as experts on maintaining cleanliness and officials in civil society organizations.

The study will be published on 03.2021.



Motivating the local authorities to action



To combine all the existing resources to facilitate coordinated and continuous action.


Residents are primarily responsible for maintaining cleanliness. The transfer of responsibility can occur mainly through the efforts of the education and youth, and welfare departments that operate in the authorities.

We at the association work to provide these authorities with a 'toolbox' that will help them connect the citizen to the efforts to maintain cleanliness.

  • Our team of authorities and regulations consists of officials in the authorities and thanks to their knowledge and experience we can assemble products that the authorities need.


  • We offer the authorities to purchase from us educational activities, information activities, Consulting, waste monitoring, community games, lectures by experts in the field and more.




We work in cooperation with the Society for the Protection of Nature (S.P.N.I). We offer much knowledge and experience in education, information, and research, while the SPNI has excellent organizational skills, and they are spread throughout the country.

In 2020, we received a joint budget for carrying out activities related to maintaining cleanliness, especially in nature.  The budget came thanks to M''K Miki Haimovich - chairwoman of the Interior and Environmental Protection Committee.


Media team

We set up a team that included video creators and promoters on social media. the team focused on secular Jews and ultra-Orthodox Jews, Arabs and targeting young people and youth.

The goal is to reach a variety of audiences. So we chose to set up three Facebook pages, two Instagram pages and two TIK TOK pages.

We have produced and posted on our platforms dozens of videos in the field of maintaining environmental cleanliness , Including (among others) a series of instructional videos , videos of support for MKs from all parties, senior rabbis and artists, Content articles and more.

And where we got to: Our videos have reached hundreds of thousands. A TIK TOK video we produced on the subject of cleaning the beach from cigarette butts was watched by 170,000 young people and it is a huge achievement.


The Arab society team.

Reducing waste disposal and the use of disposable tableware on the Feast of Sacrifice

Before the Muslim Id al Adha festival, we distributed a letter that asked the Arab and Druze communities to keep the environment clean and to cut back the usage of disposable tableware.

 We succeeded in convincing dozens of cities mayors in the Arab sector, Includes some of the largest mayors, for example: Mayor of Nazareth, Umm al-Fahm, Rahat, Dalit al-Carmel and Kfar Qassem.

We got the support of many religious leaders, including the head of the Druze community in Israel, Thanks to them our letter was read in many mosques and prayer houses during the holiday prayers.

President Rivlin joined our venture in his ceremonial greeting.

Also, we set up an information team that met around 2,000 holidaymakers ( Arabs and Druze) on the beaches and explained to them about the importance of keeping the environment clean.


A competition of producing and publishing videos on the subject of environmental cleanliness

In dozens of Arabs high schools in the northern region, there is a video competition on the subject of cleanliness. Students shoot the videos, upload them to networks and work hard to bring maximum exposure of the videos from family and friends, this is a great way to spread messages about personal responsibility.

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